The Cost of being a Bridesmaid

Being a bridesmaid comes with an incredible amount of responsibility especially financial responsibility. Not only does it require your time, but it can end up costing a pretty penny…thank goodness for friendships & families that make the extension of oneself a priviledge. Love makes all possible.

The Duties of a Maid of Honor/Bridesmaid

  1. Plan the Shower
  2. Advise guests of where bridal registry is held
  3. Keep a record of gifts
  4. Go dress shopping with the bride
  5. Coordinate bridesmaids on the day of the wedding
  6. Be the brides right-hand woman & assist where needed
  7. Give a toast to the couple at the wedding

As you prepare to embark on a beautiful journey with your friend, sister, cousin or even colleague, this list is a guideline of the costs you can expect.  The costs listed below are entry level market related & will vary

  • Bridesmaid dresses R1500
  • Alterations R300
  • Jewelry R300
  • Shoes R500
  • Lingerie R400
  • Hair R800
  • Make-up R500
  • Nails R300
  • Wedding gift   R350
  • Contribution to Kitchen tea/ Bridal Shower R500 upwards
  • Shower Gift R250
  • Travel must be included if the wedding is far away from home, especially for destination weddings