How to plan your own Dinner Parties

I learnt some valuable lessons from the first dinner party I hosted. I wanted to share 5 tips with you to help make planning your own intimate dinner party easy!
  1. Effective Time Management: Always make provision for lost time. Events hardly ever run on time & there is always something that may need extra time management. Don’t plan set up to the last minute. Always add an extra 2 hours. Should you finish on time it will give you enough time to glam up as the host/hostess & be ready for your guests arrival
  2. Welcome Drinks: Always serve an easy theme appropriate welcome drink.  This will help guests mingle easier as they arrive. 9/10 times they will all not arrive at the same time.
  3. Music: The easiest stress free way to have the perfect music is to compile a play list on your ipod &play it through your sound system or even a good mobile speaker with a built in docking station. That way no one has to constantly change cds & saves you the cost of hiring a deejay
  4. Stationery: Nothing says I care about you & thought about you more than adding some personal stationery to your table settings. Guests love personal attention. Take a little time to design & print place settings & menu’s for your guests. It’s a great opportunity to add your signature & incorporate your theme & personality.  
  5. Catering & Staffing: Hire a caterer with staff. This will alleviate many problems that can arise when the caterer & staff are independent suppliers. The caterer knows their staff & can ensure good service as they manage their own staff & they do set up & clean up of the kitchen area. This give you more time to host & less time to clean