You get what you pay for

Clients always ask me how I will save them money & where I can get the best deal. In my experience saving clients money stem from relationships with other suppliers & the discounts given by them as part of their working business relationship.

When all that is discussed, I still hear “can’t we get it cheaper” elsewhere & the answer I give to everyone is “You get what you pay for” Though the saying is not always true & one can strike a bargain I believe that the quality of the products & services you receive will be reflected in the cost of the goods or service.
Most times it’s not in your best interest to chase after a cheaper price but rather chase after the quality & reputation of the supplier whose goods & services you require. In seeking cheaper or inferior prices you place yourself at risk of

  • Extortion
  • Poor quality delivered
  • No delivery of service

Generally suppliers should offer you a quality product with a guarantee if anything goes wrong. They usually offer contingency plans and all this is factored into the cost. For example take a look at the t-shirt you bought from a street vendor versus the one from Woolworths. 9/10 times the one from Woolworths lasts longer. Why? The reason they can demand a higher price is because your product has undergone quality testing, the fabric is not inferior, they guarantee that they are not using child labor etc all that comes at an extra cost.

That is one of the reasons they have a good exchange & returns policy is because they have faith in the quality of the product. However the same is not always true for a street vendor. You may purchase a t-shirt that shrinks or stretches are the first wash & the person you bought it from either has no return policy or moved by the time you go back.
So the next time you asking a supplier for a discount on your wedding cake or music consider the following. The difference could mean a cake that falls in on the day or the amp of your DJ blowing. A reputable supplier will ensure they deliver a quality product & service & should anything go wrong, they have a contingency plan in place to ensure no interruptions on your big day.