My Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2013


1. Roaring Twenties 

This year probably the biggest trend is the 1920’s vintage look. The 1920’s were known as "The Jazz Age," the Age of Intolerance," and the "Age of Nonsense." But perhaps the most telling was the "Roaring Twenties." It’s a time of romance & rebellion. Flapper dresses were all the rage for women in 1920's fashion and even today the flapper dress will always have appeal, even in present day. Sexy necklines and fun beading make these dresses classics that are still worth wearing. The movie Great Gatsby & Downtown Abbey will provide tons of inspiration . This trend is not only in fashion but in the décor as well. So lots of pearls, gold jewelry, soft color accents, lace and head bands as opposed to traditional veils. 

2. Lace  

Lace in wedding gowns will be big in 2013 as well as in décor with 1920’s trend. We have seen lace come through so strong in wedding gowns from the finest designers to our local brands.

This is also attributed to the return of the 1920’s. 

3. Prints & Patterns 

I think that prints & patterns will take off a little not as popular as the in the US. Couples will be more bold in their taste & use of color. Prints in bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen ties & bow ties will be prominent. Stripes in décor will also come through. We will also see some paisley and polka dots coming through.  

4. Hydrangeas  

These flowers are so dramatic & theatrical. I do believe that couples will be incorporating more of these in their flowers. Oversized blooms are going to be popular. 

5. After Parties 

This is fast becoming a trend. Couples want to extend their wedding receptions to a party when the reception is over especially when most venues close at specific times. We see couples having transport arranged for the guests to be transported safely to party & dance the night away. The after party will come with a new venue, food & even wardrobe. For couples who can’t afford the after party, we will see creative ways in extending the reception.